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- NVOX JW-X8000 -

- Full-function logger with two wide-angle cameras and image stabilization.
- Two rotated 180 degrees camera
- Dual 140-degree wide-angle lens A +
- The ability to capture events from one camera or two cameras simultaneously.
- GPS Locator - save location recording movie with the speed of travel.
- It records all the events on the road, will determine the perpetrator of the accident and the actual course of events.
- Built-in motion detector activates the recording level with the launch vehicle.
- Playing back recorded video is done by the software recorded by the camera on the microSD card when installed in the device.
- Expandable memory up to 32 GB with micro SD memory card.
- Built-in microphone and speaker
- Easy-to-use menu
- The ability to view recorded video on the monitor camera

• Video Resolution: 1280x480 pix
• Video file format: AVI
• Display: LCD TFT 2 "
• Image ratio: 4:3
• Dual Lens: Class A +, 140 degrees; wide
• GPS locator: Yes
• Motion Detector: Yes
• Date Indicator: Yes
• Clock: Yes
• AV: Yes
• Built-in Speaker: Yes
• Microphone: Yes
• Card Slot: Micro SD up to 32 GB (4 GB Class 6 min)
• Built-in battery: Yes
• Charging: Cigarette lighters
• Weight: 95g
• Dimensions: W 135mm x wys.50 mm x thickness. 18mm