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The origins of the brand NVOX go back to 2004, when the first 7" Car TVs and LCD Monitors 7" were presented by us to the Polish market. Since then, as an importer and distributor of electronic equipment under our own brand, we focused on modern portable, stationary and car multimedia devices. After several years of presence on the market we started to manufacture the equipment on behalf of the developed specification. A lot of new products, such as LCD roof monitors, we have introduced to the Polish market as first. To this day, we maintain a high position among suppliers of high quality car and stationary multimedia, mini LCD touch-screen and non-contact, monitors under roof and an open frame. As one of the first in Poland we presented the dedicated car multimedia GPS stations (navigation dedicated) to many popular brands of car models: TOYOTA, MAZDA, HONDA, VW, OPEL, FORD, VOLVO, KIA, HYUNDAI, SUZUKI, MITSUBISHI, SUBARU and more. We focus on fast introduction of market news. We help producers, producing on our behalf, to improve products - we're still working on improvements to the technical specifications. We supply products of high quality for reasonable price.

Currently, we focus on the highest reliability devices, while offering a reasonable price. Devices by NVOX are built on components recognized in the world of electronics manufacturers. LCD matrices used in NVOX devices are derived from Samsung, LG, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Sharp, and DVD Loaders from Sunplus, ForYou, Sony. Motherboard manufacturers include Foxconn, ForYou. We offered 24 months warranty, and some models up to 30 months, which confirms our quality policy. We have a fast, stable, professional technical service supported by the IT system. We provide good devices, even after the warranty period, raising security of purchase.

NVOX as one of the few manufacturers of electronic media is licensed LSCD PHILIPS DVD Video format and licenses SISVEL to MP3 format. All our products are certified to CE safety or declarations.

Since 2011, the brand NVOX device is also available in Lithuania and Russia. In 2013, we plan to enter the market of Germany and the Netherlands. Currently working on continuous increasing availability of products in the stores and in the development of cooperation with professional distributors of IT hardware and electronics. Avoiding the big chain stores and supermarkets want to develop distribution among companies, workshops and specialty stores as well as online stores where the quality of after-sales service to the end customer is not forgotten.

As one of the first Polish companies in the industry we have introduced recycling of used equipment. We apply the Register of Companies and Organizations Recycling Electrical and Electronic Equipment under its own number, as hardware distributor. We honestly inform users about correct procedure for disposal of electronic waste. Users are free to give away the wasted device of the same type and in the same amount at the point of purchase of a new NVOX device.


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