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- NVOX NV1086M HONDA 2 ACURA 2014 -

- digital factory CD changer emulator
- 36 months warranty - a branded product of the highest quality
- top-class MP3 decoders - the quality similar to CDs
- can create up to 99 directories with 99 tracks (depending on model radios)
- USB input SD - supports up to 32GB
- AUX input - can connect eg. a mobile phone, MP3 player or other external. source
- connected to the connector changer in the factory radio
- connector BT - Bluetooth Adapter. Bluetooth modules available in our offer
- the broadest compatibility with models of radios
- easy installation Plug & Play
- Fast track
- saves time playing the last track, even when he is playing large files
- from the radio control or with the buttons on the steering wheel (as in the original changer)
- Screw changer connector - prevents dislodge changer when driving on uneven
- SLIM - takes up little space on the clipboard
- the sale of the models for other car brands

• proper operation calls for the conferment of the titles directories: CD01, CD02, CD03, ..., CD99.
• plays formats: WMA, MPEG1 / 2, MP3
• power supply from the factory radio
• AUX input
• SD input
• USB input
• Weight: 85g
• dimensions: 91 x 69 x 20 mm
fit models Honda:
• 2003-2011 Accord, Civic 2006-2012, Ridgeline 2006-2012, 2004-2012 CRV, Element 2003-2012, 2005-2010 Odyssey, Pilot 2005-2012, Fit / Jazz 2006-2011, S2000, 2005-2012, 2006- Legend 2011 City 2002-2012
matches Acura models:
• CSX 2006-2011, 2005-2006 MDX, RDX 2007-2011, 2004-2011 TSX (except S), RL 2005-2011
compatible with models of radios:
• Accord Navi Radio, Radio 6CD Premium Accord, Accord single CD radio, 6 CD Radio Accord, Civic 1, Civic Navi Radio, Odyssey Civic 1, 1sc0, 1yc5, 2hu2, 2j30, 2j32, 2j34, 2jl0, 2jb0, 2ka0, 2mb0, 2p30, 2p32, 2p34, 2pl4, 2tw0, 3sa0, 3ts0, 3yc0, 3yn0, 4mf1, 4xb0, 4yl3, 7bk0
not compatible with models of radios:
• 2004-2008 Acura TL
* Compatible with Honda Navigation System