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NVOX NV1086m BMW4 3-6PIN


- NVOX NV1086M BMW4 3-6PIN -

- Digital emulator factory CD changer
- 36 months warranty - branded product of the highest quality
- top-class MP3 decoders - the quality similar to a CD
- can create up to 99 directories of 99 tracks (depending on the model of the radio)
- USB input SD - supports up to 32GB
- AUX input - can connect eg. mobile phone, MP3 player or other external. source
- connected to the connector changer in the factory radio
- connector BT - Bluetooth Adapter. Bluetooth modules available in our offer
- the broadest compatibility with models of radios
- easy to install Plug & Play
- fast track
- remembers the time played the last track, even when playing large files
- control from the radio or steering wheel buttons (as in the original changer)
- screw connector changer - prevents unplugging the changer when driving on uneven
- SLIM - takes up little space in the glove compartment
- sales also models for other car brands

• proper operation requires the granting of the titles directories: CD01, CD02, CD03, ..., CD99.
• plays formats: WMA, MPEG1 / 2, MP3
• power from the factory radio
• AUX input
• Input SD
• USB port
• Weight: 85g
• Dimensions: 91 x 69 x 20 mm
matches BMW (connection in the trunk):
• Without Navigation: BMW 3 series from 1996 to 2005 (except E39), BMW 5 series from 1997 to 2003 (except E39), BMW 7 series 1998-2001 BMW X3 2004-2010 BMW X5 2000-2005 BMW M3 from 1997 to 2005, BMW M5 2000-2003 BMW Z3 1997-2002 BMW Z4 2003-2005 BMW Z8 2000-2003 BMW M Roadster 1999-2002 BMW M Coupe 1999-2002 MINI 2001-2005 Range Rover without Navigation
* Not compatible with the factory radio SIRIUS
* For Radio (modules BM52 / BM53 / BM54), installed in the trunk cable has to be connected to the red ACC + 12V on the radio
* Not compatible with DSP